Another Great Month for Owning a New Home

As a local homebuilder, our greatest accomplishment is seeing the joy that owning a new American West home brings to the families who have chosen us to be the builder of their new home. Our dedicated team started the new year off with a bang. We had 62 families move into a new American West home in January and sold a home to 75 other families.

Our Buying A New Home in 2013 blog post lists some of the reasons why 2013 is a great year for homeownership. With our variety of homes and communities, there is sure to be a fit for everyone.

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We look forward to making the dream of a new home come true for many more families in the upcoming year.

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Buying A New Home in 2013

Happy 2013! It’s a new year and the start to make the dream of homeownership come true for you or possibly someone you know.

With new home designs ranging from 1,608 to 4,770 square feet, there is a variety of American West homes to fit everyone’s needs.

2013 is going to be a great year to be a homeowner. Some reasons why you should buy now:

Mortgage rates are still crazy low… Low mortgage rates can be like rainbows – they’re pretty incredible but when they’re gone, they’re gone. A few years ago, 30-year fixed rates were above 6.00%. For December 2012, they averaged 3.35%. Interest rates have a huge impact on your mortgage payment. When the low interest rates disappear, they probably won’t be coming back for a long, long time (if ever).

Protection against rental increases… Rents have a tendency to increase each year or two to accommodate for inflation. Owning a home and having a fixed-rate mortgage means you’ll have the same mortgage payment each month for the life of your loan.

Home prices are low – FOR NOW… Home prices are on the rise and by waiting you will miss out on these incredible prices.

Save on taxes… There are a lot of great tax benefits to being a homeowner.

Build equity… Homeownership is still one of the most sound investments you can make. The difference between renting and owning a home is that homeownership lets you build your own monetary value, instead of your landlord’s.

Contact us today and let us help make 2013 your year to own the home of your dreams. For more information on American West’s communities and new homes, visit our website or call (702) 308-1111.

Watch a video of a sampling of the homes built by American West…

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