Buillding New Homes for Las Vegas Families

For many families, owning a new home is a dream come true. The pride, satisfaction and the sense of achievement in owning a home are one of the few great joys in life. This is the stage for the drama of life, where children will grow, where memories will be made. Nobody understand this better than American West Homes who has been building new homes since 1984.

Larry Canarelli, company founder of American West Homes, has a dream of his own. His goal has been to build new homes for the families of Las Vegas  where they can live and grow and that dream comes true each day with the families who choose American West to be the builder of their new home.

Canarelli formed American West Homes in 1984. Home by home, he built the company’s reputation as “The Best Built Homes in America”. He accomplished this by focusing on quality, superior construction, customer service and outstanding architecture. Larry puts his heart and soul into every home and neighborhood that American West builds. As a homebuilder, Larry is concerned about where American West builds neighborhoods and how their homeowners live in their homes. No other builder listens to the wants and needs of their homeowners more. American West’s home designs reflect how families live in them today.

“Families are what this business is all about,” said Canarelli. “I’ve learned to keep that in mind with each home that we build and with each new neighborhood we open. Las Vegas is the place where I and every American West employee is raising their family, so it’s easy to ask myself, ‘Could I live in this home?’ Our home designs are incomparable. We know how families in Las Vegas live because this is our city too. Our home designs have been awarded with numerous local and national awards. Homebuyers see the quality and superior construction when they walk through our homes.”

Today’s families spend more time at home and place a greater importance on the community in which they reside than ever before. Understanding this importance has led American West to pioneer communities in the most desirable Southern Nevada locations and ensuring that those communities are family friendly. As a local builder, Larry has the foresight and knowledge of area amenities and growth throughout the valley. He is committed to designing communities and neighborhoods to the best advantage of homebuyers.

Canarelli’s dream for his Las Vegas based company is coming true. He sees the happiness that families living in an American West home have nurtured and the memories that have been made. Like passing down a treasured heirloom, living in an American West home has become a family tradition.

American West is currently selling at 9 different communities located throughout the Las Vegas valley. The home designs range from 1,608 to 4,770 sq. ft. For more information on any of American West’s communities, visit their website at www.AmericanWestHomes.com or call (702) 308-1111.


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