Reasons to Buy A New Home in 2014

The old saying goes that the three important things in real estate are location, location, location (American West does have some of the best locations in Las Vegas). Another important element is timing. Prospective homebuyers always fret about when is the right time to buy a new home. Here are reasons why you should buy in 2014:


Although it’s far from setting a record pace, the economy has turned a corner. And although we’re not out of the woods just yet, USA Today states that “as the economy continues to grow, it may make buying a home even more attractive.”


Analysts predict that home prices will increase in 2014, which would make some homebuyers cautious about buying a new home. However, prices are expected to increase slowly and if the economy continues to rebound, prices will increase more steeply after 2014, meaning that 2014 may be the sweet spot to purchase a new home. The other great news is that as home values rise, more homebuyers will see their equity rising.


Interest rates are still at record lows. It is anticipated that they will rise in 2014 but more importantly, continue to climb well into 2015, so it makes sense to buy this year before rates could go higher.


Although these are reasons to buy this year, the joys of homeownership cannot be overstated. Homeownership brings a deep sense of emotional satisfaction that no money could ever buy. It is the American Dream that everyone hopes comes true.

Visit any of our 7 communities today and let us help you discover how owning a new American West home may be easier than you think. We’ll build the home of your dreams, you fill it with lifelong memories.

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Quality Assurance

American West’s first step to quality is making sure our homebuyer’s questions are answered and that they understand the sales and construction process. In addition to a sales and escrow representative, a Quality Assurance Manger is assigned to every home we build. Together with the construction team, they will provide specific expertise throughout construction.

The Quality Assurance Manager specializes in construction techniques and procedures. He meets with inspectors and architects to make sure your new home is built and finished to the highest standards. The Quality Assurance Manager’s primary job is to insure that your new home meets the highest construction standards required by American West.

Upon completion of the home, your Quality Assurance Manager will take you through a room to room New Home Demonstration. He will familiarize you with all of the home features and components. “It’s very important that our buyers feel comfortable with all of  the working components of their new home. It’s a great feeling to deliver a home that you’re proud to be a part of,” Ron Reynolds, American West Quality Assurance Manager.

At American West, we are committed to excellence. Part of that commitment is providing “Quality Assurance” that insures that each and every home is built to American West’s strict construction standards. A commitment that each of our homebuyers get to experience day after day. This is the American West difference.

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