Reasons to Buy – Price Stability and Building Equity

Are you unsure about whether or not now is the best time to purchase a new home? Have you been “playing it safe” in regards to making a decision?

The best way to “play it safe” when it comes to buying a home is to actually buy a new home. And here’s why:

Studies show that owning a home is the best way to build household wealth. The sooner a person owns a home, the faster they begin to build up equity and wealth. When you buy a home, you are also purchasing price stability, knowing that you will pay the same monthly payment for the life of your 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.

Building equity, price stability, buying from a homebuilder who holds the reputation for the Best Built Homes in America, how much safer can you play it?

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Reasons to Buy – Fantastic Interest Rates

Are you on the fence about whether you should buy your new American West home? The great news is that interest rates are still at historic lows.

Did you know that in 1980, interest rates were as high as 16% for a 30 Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage. In 1985, it was as high as 12%. 1990 saw it as high as 10% and in 1995 and 2000, it was as high as 8%. Between 2005 and 2010, it fluctuated between 6% and 5%. Today a 30 Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage is at 4% – the lowest it has been in a really long time.

The unfortunate thing is that if inflation picks ups, you won’t see mortgages rates this low again in your lifetime. So don’t hesitate, come into any of our 8 beautiful communities and let us help to make your dream of a new American West home come true. And with our partnership with our Preferred Lender, imortgage, obtaining a new home loan may be easier than you think.

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Historic Mortgage Rates

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We are hoping that your day may be touched by a bit of Irish luck and that we can help make your dream of a new home come true. For information on all our new home designs that range from 1,608 to 4,770 square feet, visit our website

St. Patricks Day

Buying A New Home is Cheaper Than Renting

Are you still renting? According to the “Rent vs. Buy Report” from Trulia, homeownership remains cheaper than renting nationally and in all the 100 largest metro areas.  A recent Forbes article states that, Buying a Home is Now 38% Cheaper Than Renting.

With 8 different new home communities with home designs ranging from 1,608 to 4,770 square feet, we are sure to find the perfect new home fit for you. Our partnership with our Preferred Lenders also ensures that you are given the best treatment and that the loan is one that best fits your needs.

Need more reasons why you should buy a new home in 2014? Check out our blog post, Reasons to Buy A New Home in 2014.

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Home is Where Memories Are Made

A home is much more than 4 walls and a roof. It is where your child learns to crawl and then walk. It is where they learn to swim or throw a basketball. It is where your children grow. Home is where family and friends gather to help celebrate the milestones in your life. Home is where the memories of your life are made.

Think of a happy childhood memory. More than likely, that memory revolves around the home you grew up in. A home that was filled with love and joy. A home that your parents were proud to own. Why should you settle for anything less now? Owning a new home should give you a sense of pride. There is a reason homeownership is called the American Dream.

American West believes in building homes and not just houses. Over the past 30 years, we have welcomed more than 16,000 homeowners into our family and have been privileged to be a part of many heartfelt memories. We know how important a home and homeownership is to everyone. You may think that the most important thing about purchasing a new home is the best deal you can get. We believe it should be more about the type of value and quality you are getting when purchasing that home. Don’t you want the confidence that 20 years from now whether you are sending your child off to college, watching your first grandchild crawl on your floor, or enjoying your retirement years, that your home is still the envy of all your family and friends? Don’t you want reassurance that the quality and value of your home is still there? American West stands behind the belief that there should be no other answer than, “yes” and the proof of that can be found in every home that we build.

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Benefits of Post-Tension Foundations

The foundation is not only the first part of building your new American West home, but it is possibly the most important part – everything else is built upon the foundation.  American West is known for going above the standard when it comes to constructing our new homes which is why we use post-tension foundations in all our new homes.

What is post-tension? It is a method of strengthening concrete using high-strength steel strands or cables, typically referred to as tendons. The post-tensioning method is the best practice for building stronger, more reliable foundations.

Benefits of post-tension foundations:

  • Enhances concrete strength
  • Resists soil movement providing a more secure, stable and resistant home foundation
  • Reduces cracking
  • Provides a stiffer concrete foundation that has more capacity to resist tensile forces (the maximum stress a material can withstand)
  • Increases home value

When it comes to durability, strength and stability, post-tension foundations are on the top of the chain.

Ensuring that your new American West home is built on a solid foundation is just the start of why we hold the reputation for the Best Built Homes in America. Visit any of our 8 communities today and discover all the other elements in our homes that make your new American West home an ACE Award Winning Home.


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