Happy Thanksgiving

At a time of season when we stop and take stock of what we are grateful for, American West would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of our homeowners. Our company founder Larry Canarelli started American West based on a childhood dream of being able to make the dream of providing spacious, beautiful homes to families just like his own. American West has been making dreams come true for the families of Las Vegas since 1984.

Over 17,000 homeowners have chosen American West to be the builder of their new home. We are extremely grateful and appreciative to everyone who decides to make an American West home their new home. More memories in a lifetime are made in a home than anywhere else and we love providing the start to so many of these fantastic memories.

American West has continued to be successful at homebuilding for over 30 years because we surround ourselves with the best of the best. The passion and enthusiasm of making one of the biggest dreams an individual or family can have in their lifetime come true can be found in everyone affiliated with American West. Our gratitude reaches out to our employees, fantastic sales team, subcontractors and preferred lenders.

We hope that everyone’s Thanksgiving is filled with love, joy and a grateful heart.

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