Putting one of our stars in the spotlight… Meet David Meeks!

American West’s dynamic team is why we have been able to hold the reputation for not only the Best Built Homes in American but also Southern Nevada’s Number One Homebuilder since 1984. Each and every member of our team plays a crucial part to our commitment to excellence.

One of these incredible team members is New Home Sales Consultant, David Meeks. He uses his years of experience to help put homebuyers at ease while they find their dream homes.

David has worked for American West since 2007, and has been the recipient of the Dream Maker Award for sales, as well as the American West Ambassador Award twice in recognition of his work ethic, attitude, and representation of American West. This award is unique because it is not given to recognize sales. Rather it is given to someone who is a true ambassador for American West.

As David says, “I love helping people. I try to be a real person rather than a sales person, looking at the process from their point of view. I try to give them good information so they can make a decision, and show them the benefits of buying an American West home.

“My favorite part of my job as a sales consultant is giving people their house keys. Buyers are so happy when they get their keys… they cry because they are so happy!

“I love working at American West. It is a fantastic, family-owned company that really cares about its buyers and its employees. We’re building so much more than just quality homes here.”

On his days off, David spends his time with his wife and family. He also loves music, and play guitar in a band. (FYI… David’s co-workers say that while he won’t brag about his talents, they will! And they say he’s a very talented musician!)

When asked what his greatest achievement is to date, he replied, “Meeting my wife – and marrying her!”

You can meet David at our Jones Crossing neighborhood located in Coronado Ranch. He would love to help make your dream of a new home come true.


Habits For Keeping Your New American West Home In Great Shape

Everyone would love it if their homes were in as good condition after a couple of years as they are on the day you moved in. We have some recommendations for good habits to adopt to keep your new home in great shape.

  1. Replace air filters as recommended.
  2. Test smoke/fire alarms regularly.
  3. Inspect showers and tubs for deteriorating grout or caulk. Repair or replace if peeling, cracked or discolored.
  4. Vacuum window and sliding door tracks to keep them sliding smoothly.
  5. Inspect weather stripping on doors. Replace as needed.
  6. Lubricate garage door rollers, bearing and hinges once a year.
  7. Keep sprinklers from reaching foundation and stucco. It’s also a good habit to check sprinklers on a quarterly basis to make sure they are functioning properly.
  8. Have roof inspected annually for cracked or broken tiles. Have gutters and downspouts cleaned and checked too.

If you ever need help with any maintenance items on your American West home, you can reach out to Home Service Plus. Their experienced staff of craftsmen have the ability to handle just about any maintenance required for your home.


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