Reasons It Pays to Buy in a New Home Community

When you’re ready to buy your first home or move up to your next one, choosing a new home community will greatly enhance your experience. Advantages like a lower maintenance lifestyle and an instant social scene offer the kind of life that you’ve been looking for.

Our comfortable and luxurious American West communities provide the absolute best value for families of all sizes in the Las Vegas area. Check out why we think a new home community is right for you:

Low Maintenance  – In a new home community, homes are built with low-maintenance features, such as new appliances, upgraded flooring, and energy-efficient materials. This means that you won’t have to waste any time updating or repairing your home in these areas, and can focus your time on settling into your home and enjoying the benefits of a new community! It also means energy cost savings to you when it goes to your utility bills.

Aesthetically Pleasing – With just a single glance, it’s easy to spot a new home community from its gorgeous, uniform aesthetic, where the homes are clean, pristine, and well-kept. Why live in a community where the homes don’t reflect your personal style? When you return home every day, there’s something to be said about surrounding yourself with the kind of pleasing look that you love and prefer.

Neighbors are Excited to Come Together – There’s a certain level of excitement among the homeowners in a new home community, along with a willingness to come together as neighbors and friends. Children play and grow together, and parents foster lifelong friendships. Every day brings something new for your social life, from impromptu backyard BBQs, to movie nights, to book clubs on the porch. Here, the other homeowners are just like you.

A New Development Is You –  Last but not least, a new home community reflects you and your style. No one has lived in your home or your community before, and you’re the first to breathe life into it. Therefore, this living space is you, and has your name written all over it. Residents in a new home community are eager to make this space their own, grow with it, and watch it bloom.

Since 1984, American West Homes has combined building expertise and a value of family to create forever homes and communities for our clients. We can’t wait to speak with you about how a new home community will change your life! For more information on our homes and communities, visit


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