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As a local builder, it is important to us to design energy-efficient homes that fit the needs of our specific southwest climate and not just one that was designed on a national level. We live in a city where we experience both hot and cold temperatures. Our eHome features and building materials have been specifically chosen for the Las Vegas climate.  

We focus on building energy efficient homes with sustainable materials and state-of-the-art features. Our homes are both energy-efficient and eco-friendly, so they are healthier and more comfortable for you and your family, while also being gentler on our environment and your pocketbook.  

As you can see, American West is committed to not only building you the new home of your dreams, but doing so in an environmentally sensitive way. By integrating these features in our homes, we honor our commitment to you, your family, and the environment, long after you move in. 

Visit any of our new home communities – there are 10 – and discover more about why American West is the best choice for your new home.


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Celebrating 32 Years of Homebuilding

American West is and has always been passionate about new home design. We are motivated by our surroundings, the city we call home and our homeowners. This passion is currently seen in the 10 new home communities located throughout the Las Vegas Valley with new home designs ranging from 1,552 to 5,487 square feet.  

Larry Canarelli, American West’s Company Founder, has been a part of the homebuilding business since the 1970’s in both California and Nevada. Together with Malcolm Compton, they have designed every home and community that American West has built in Las Vegas since 1984. As a company, we take great pride in the impact our homes and neighborhoods have had to the growth of Las Vegas. We have created and continue to create neighborhoods that stand the test of time. Whitney Ranch, The Lakes at West Sahara, Legacy in Green Valley, El Capitan Ranch, Silverado Ranch, Coronado Ranch, Highlands Ranch – they are all our creations. And after 32 years, we have only just begun.  

The American West family grows each and every day and as a company we are thrilled to be able to make the dream of a new home come true for Las Vegas families. As we celebrate the strength of our 32 years, we look forward to continuing to help make dreams come true.

For more information on our new homes and communities, visit

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Stop Paying Rent And Become An American West Homeowner

Selling people on the idea of homeownership isn’t usually too hard. After all, it’s the quintessential American dream. From the sense of security to the sense of community, not to mention the financial benefits, the advantages of owning a home – especially an American West Home – are clear.

Our new homes combine unmatched value, prime locations, well-planned neighborhoods, and the newest amenities to create the best new homes and communities in Las Vegas. Plus, we offer the lowest price per square foot around! 

Still on the fence? Totally understandable. Deciding to buy a new home is among the biggest financial decisions that many people make. The advisability of buying versus renting depends on many things – location, financial stability, future plans and lifestyle preferences. Here are a few reasons to consider buying a home instead of renting:

  1. Building equity. As a renter, your monthly payments only benefits the landlord. Mortgage payments made by homeowners build equity for you.
  2. The home will be yours. As a renter, you have a limited ability to personalize your living space. As an owner, you can have things just as you want and everything is brand new.
  3. A measure of inflation protection. Studies by Case-Shiller suggest that, over the long term, housing has beaten inflation by a couple of percentage points a year.
  4. It is forced savings. Part of a mortgage payment goes towards the principle repayment. You’re paying yourself by building equity. As a forced monthly savings, it is a good discipline.
  5. Stable housing costs. The curse of renting is the inevitable increase. With a fixed-rate mortgage, the payments are fixed for the life of the loan, a clear advantage over rental market fluctuations.
  6. Tax benefits. Homeowners enjoy tax deductions on interest payments and property taxes.
  7. Controlling your destiny. A renter is always at the mercy of the landlord. As a homeowner, the power is in your hands.
  8. You’ll get a better home. It’s getting harder to find a good rental. If you want the best home, in the best neighborhood, you are better off buying.

Always consider the true cost of renting, investing your money – month after month – in something you don’t actually own. Instead, turn that rent payment into a down payment on a home of your own.

Quit throwing your money away. Buy an American West home in Las Vegas.

Visit and start investing in your future today!

New Home Communities Designed For Family Living

As one of the nation’s most successful family owned homebuilders, American West has been providing homes for the families of Southern Nevada since 1984. We have a proven track record of success and have accumulated numerous local and national building awards including being the only two-time winner of the ACE Award, which recognizes us as the Number One Home Builder in America.

Our neighborhoods are the best masterfully planned in the valley. The value that is built into every American West home is incomparable. You will be awestruck by the beauty of the home designs and all the unique architectural features that you would expect to find in a custom home.

Whether you’re just starting out or moving up in the world or even looking for a home to enjoy your retirement, American West builds your perfect choice in the most highly sought after neighborhoods of Southern Nevada.

For more information on our new homes and communities, visit

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Coffered Ceilings An Included Feature

Whether you are looking at our 1,798 square foot homes or our 5.487 square foot homes, coffered ceilings are just one of the many included features in an American West home. This style of ceiling is usually only found in custom homes.

American West has a long list of included features in our homes. To view all our communities and a list of our included features., visit


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An Energy Saver Home

Happy 4th of July! We hope that everyone is having a safe and somewhat cool holiday. Las Vegas has reached our 100+ temperatures which makes it a bit tough to try and stay cool. One of the easy ways to accomplish this is to have a new home that features all the best energy saving features.  As a local builder, it is important to us to include energy saving features in our new homes that are applicable to the climate we live in. Each new American West home comes with an impressive list of included eHome features.

For more information on these fantastic energy saving features, contact any of our sales offices and let us demonstrate to you how these features can help save on your energy costs.


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Highlands Ranch Built By American West

Discover the wonders of Highlands Ranch. An ideal southwest location, award-winning home designs, and community conveniences beyond compare all come together at Highlands Ranch built by American West. Whether homebuyers are drawn to the state-of-the-art schools, the shopping, or the southwest setting, one thing is for certain,  they come to Highlands Ranch knowing they’ll find homes suited to their lifestyle.

“We’re looking toward the future,” said Larry Canarelli, company founder of American West. “As the valley continues to grow and the needs of our families continue to evolve, our planners, engineers, designers and sales counselors grow with them. We try to anticipate what our families value most. Oftentimes what we’re all looking for in a home is more than comfort, it’s community, it’s security, it’s proximity to the services we need and the people we love. As a builder, we believe in giving our homebuyers all the benefits of master plan living without any additional fees such as a SID or LID. ”

With 4 communities and new home designs ranging from 1,798 to 4,037 square feet, there is a variety to choose from in the selection of your new home. All the new homes in Highlands Ranch feature the following:

  • Best Price Per Sq. Ft.
  • ACE Award Winning Construction
  • Enormous List of Included Features
  • Energy Efficient Homes at No Cost
  • Superior Craftsmanship

Highlands Ranch is the heart of the Southwest and the perfect place to call home. For more information, visit

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American West’s Preferred Lenders

Whether you’re new to the home buying process or not, American West understands it is perhaps the single largest financial decision you will make. Our Preferred Lenders have skilled loan consultants who have the experience to guide you through every step of the home buying process and help you secure the best possible loan. They are experienced in every phase of home financing, from qualification to closing. This experience saves your from needless frustration and helps assure that your loan will be processed in a professional and timely manner.  

American West’s long standing relationships with our Preferred Lenders allows us to work closely with them to ensure that our homebuyers are given the best treatment and that the loan is one that best fits your needs. This close relationship also helps to make sure that the loan is in order when construction is completed so there are no delays in helping you get into your new American West home.  

Owning a new American West home may be easier than you think. Visit or contact any of our sales offices today and let us show you how easy it may be. Our sales offices are open daily from 10am to 6pm.

Discover more about our Preferred Lenders.


The Benefits of A New Home

April is New Homes Month. Discover some of the benefits of owning a new home…

  • New Homes are built to the latest safety standards and building codes.
  • New homes have much more of an open design concept which is ideal for entertaining or family gatherings.
  • A new home comes with a warranty.
  • With a new home, you get to select your appliances, your flooring, paint colors and other design elements that suit your personal preferences not someone else’s.
  • A new home features the latest and greatest energy efficiency materials. Did you know that a newly built home is 30 percent more energy efficient than homes built in the early 2000’s?
  • A new home also means a brand new community. Everything around you is brand new.

American West’s new home designs range from 1,798 to 5,470 square feet. Discover more about American West’s new homes and new communities at

April is New Homes Month

Your home is where dreams thrive and your future takes shape. It is where lifelong memories are made and where families grow and nurture. Owning a home is a cherished idea for most people. American West has always taken great pride in being able to make the dream of a new home come true for so many families in Las Vegas.

Homeownership has always been and continues to be the single best long-term investment of most families. A recent Freddie Mac survey showed that Americans have more than $10.8 trillion of equity in their homes and for most families, home equity represents the largest share of their net worth.

Housing also plays a vital role to local, state and national economics. It accounts for about 15 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product.

NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) analysis of the broad impact of new construction shows that building 100 average single-family homes generates:

  • 297 jobs
  • $28.0 million in wage and business income
  • $11.1 million in taxes and revenue for state, local and federal government

April is New Homes Month and it is a perfect time to buy a new American West home. The benefits of a new home are enormous to not only your family but also to the Las Vegas economy.

With 9 communities located throughout the Las Vegas Valley, there is sure to be a perfect American West home for you. Our sales offices are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Visit for additional information.

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