American West Homes – The Johnny Appleseed of Homebuilding

By Carita Strawn

The BBB Connection – Las Vegas Addition

January 2018


Company History

American West Homes was founded in 1984 by CEO, Larry Canarelli. Over the course of its 33-year history, American West has developed more than 100 new-home communities and, by the end of 2018, they will have reached a benchmark of building more than 20,000 of the best designed, large-footage and affordable homes in the Valley. They are the only privately-held, locally-based builder among the top area develop- ers and are ranked among the largest and most successful privately-owned homebuilders in the country. In fact, in 30 of the past 32 years, they have been listed in the Builder 100 list ranking the largest builders in the country. Among the jewels of the company are The Lakes, Whitney Ranch, Silvera- do Ranch, Coronado Ranch, Highlands Ranch, and the new Skyview Terrace.

American West Homes has received over 200 national and local awards for excellence in its innovative architectural design and top-quality construction, including numerous Grand Gold Nugget Awards for Best in the West home designs and the prestigious Home of the Year Award by the Southern Nevada Homebuilders Association. They are the only builder in the country to receive the industry’s coveted ACE (Award for Construction Excellence) from the National Association of Home Builders, not once, but twice, honoring the best homebuilder in the nation.

Services & Guarantees

The American West Homes team is extremely dedicated to their homebuyers. They focus on building energy efficient homes with sustainable materials and features that can only be found in the most technology-advanced homes demonstrating not only a commitment to excellence but a respect for the environment.

Their newly-opened community, Skyview Terrace, is a gated community with its own dog park and features beautifully designed innovative and contemporary homes. Measuring 2,344 – 2,550 sq. ft., these homes can be built with up to 5 bedrooms and 3 baths and include unique finishes such as bronzed window frames, pressure-push entry doors, farmhouse sinks, dining islands, sculptured stair rails, and eye-catching 6 ft. wide replaces. And, to top it off, all of the Skyview homes boast stunning rooftop terraces with spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip providing over 500 sq. ft. of additional outdoor living space.

In 2018, American West will release Rainbow Crossing at Coronado Ranch, a gated community of over 400 homes featuring 1 – 3 story Luxury and Estate series homes from 2,200 to 5,000 sq. ft., all built with the stunning design, unique features and beautiful rooftop terraces introduced at Skyview.

From architectural design and construction to homeowner satisfaction, American West’s homes offer unique style, exceptional quality and the best value per square foot of any home- builder in Southern Nevada. They understand that purchasing a new home is one of the biggest investments that anyone will make in their lifetime. Every new home purchased is backed by a New Home Warranty program and the comfort in knowing that you’ve bought the best price, quality, choice and value in the Valley.

Business Philosophy

American West’s “Commitment to Excellence” has allowed them to become one of the most successful homebuilders in the nation. Cutting-edge design, quality construction, superior craftsmanship, excellent customer care, design excellence, exceptional locations and community involvement – these core commitments are the attributes that have led to the company’s overwhelm- ing achievements in homebuilding.

American West understands what they owe you, the homebuyer. They believe in the importance of family and understand that your home is a reflection of your family’s personality and values. Larry Canarelli and his team live here in Southern Nevada and are integral membersofthecommunitiestheyshare with American West homebuyers. They listen to what local residents want and need in a home. With that in mind, each American West community is a little dif- ferent from the others and appeals to different types of buyers. They combine unmatched value, the best locations, well-planned communities and the newest amenities in all of their homes and communities and are committed to improving the quality of life for the people who live in them.


American West directly employs nearly 200 employees who know exactly what they need to do to bring homebuyers the satisfaction they expect from an American West home. All of the employees are hands-on and make sure that every aspect of the building process is done the right way. As Mr. Canarelli explains, “Every employee is responsible for the building of every home and carries the satisfaction and pride derived from giving families beautiful, quality homes. This is our culture, and we live it every day.”


At 71 years old, Larry Canarelli intends to keep building homes as long as he lives. As he sees it, a passion “has no finish line,” and there is no doubt that Larry has a passion for building homes.

Larry started from the bottom of the economic strata. Born in the rural community of Roseburg, Oregon, in the late 1940s, Larry spent his childhood in poverty. During his early childhood, Larry and his family lived in riverside tents and small shacks, often with no running water or bathroom facilities. At 5 years old, Larry’s father abandoned his family, leaving his mother to care for four children on her own. Larry was voluntarily placed into an orphanage and only later reunited with his mother and siblings. His mother remarried and Larry, his parents and four sisters moved into a small one-bedroom home in Central California.

Even at the young age of 9 years old, Larry had a keen eye for real estate. While perusing the local newspaper which he delivered around town, Larry found the home his family would ultimately purchase – it was a 900 sq. ft. home with three bedrooms and one bath. It would be his home for the remainder of his childhood.

Always a hard-worker and highly intelligent, Larry was accepted to UCLA and worked his way through college and later through the Master’s Degree graduate program at USC. He specialized in marketing and was good with numbers.

As a graduate student, Larry had the opportunity to work with President Nixon’s commission for the redevelopment of the inner cities of the U.S. Not only did this experience pique his interest in residential homebuilding, it gave him the experience he needed to secure his first job in the industry – a marketing position with Metropolitan Homes in Southern California. He quickly rose up the ladder at Metropolitan and, by the late 1970s, he was the Executive Vice President in charge of architectural design and marketing. In 1981, he became the President of the Las Vegas division and he and his family became full-time Las Vegas residents. Larry was responsible for all operations, including land acquisitions.

In 1984, Larry used his expertise and experience in the Las Vegas housing market and launched his own company – American West Homes. The struggles Larry’s family endured in his early years instilled in him an understanding of the value and importance of a family home – a place one can call their own. As Larry states, he was ingrained with “a belief in what people could have and should have.” That understanding grew into a passion to help provide families with a good quality, affordable home, large enough to accommodate them. He has brought this passion into American West Homes. While Larry has been very successful as a homebuilder and industry innovator, it was never about the money. Larry equates himself as the Johnny Appleseed of homes as he builds quality homes across the country, “I build homes for the satisfaction of the homeowner, not how much we could pro t from it. It has always been about how many people’s lives you could affect.”

Industry Changes

Larry Canarelli and American West Homes have seen their share of industry changes over the past 40 years. Through strategic land purchases, intelligent marketing, innovative designs excellence in customer service and good, old-fashioned hard work, American West has weathered many industry storms and established itself as the Valley’s leading homebuilder. Today, Las Vegas is a national leader with home prices jumping 9% over the past year. This is due primarily to a shrinking inventory and rising demand and this trend is expected to continue with available land becoming more and more dif cult to secure. Luckily, forward-thinking developers like American West Homes, which purchased land regularly and built strategically on that land over the past few decades, will continue to provide beautiful new homes for decades to come, and help maintain a high level of competition in the industry which has made Las Vegas a national leader in building innovative, high-quality homes and master communities.

Community Involvement

The Canarelli family and American West are large supporters of many philanthropic endeavors. Larry and his wife, Heidi, have been fixtures in the Las Vegas community since the late 1970s and have always believed strongly in giving back to the community and have contributed much of their time and support to the children of Las Vegas. They are large supporters of Opportunity Village, Assistance League of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Junior League and Operation School Bell. They have happily coached youth soccer and baseball teams and have donated significantly to various schools throughout the Valley, providing funds for computer labs and band uniforms, building athletic fields, providing scholarships, and much, much more. Their contributions and commitment to this city have been unparalleled. In recognition of their longtime dedication to public education, the CCSD named the Lawrence and Heidi Canarelli Middle School, located in Coronado Ranch, in their honor.

BBB Involvement

American West Homes is honored to be an Accredited Member of the BBB of Southern Nevada and appreciates the extra value it brings to the company and the community in general. As Larry explains, “The local office of the BBB is genuinely concerned for the well-being of our business community to the end that our citizenry are comfortable doing business with a BBB-sanctioned company. We are very proud of our BBB rating and know that it is earned, not given. That is important.”

American West participates in the community events sponsored by BBB whenever possible. They believe that these events further camaraderie among the local business community and provide networking opportunities that bene t those business connections.

Overall, the BBB has provided American West Homes with one of the greatest benefits, that of self-reflection, “The Better Business Bureau and their guidance raises our consciousness toward ensuring that our company is – and stays as – the best it can be to our customers.”


To contact American West Homes, visit or contact their specialists at the New Home Finding Center by phone or text at: (702) 308-1746.

Las Vegas New Home Builder Larry Canarelli

Our company founder, Larry Canarelli recently sat down with Vegas, Inc. magazine for an in-depth interview about his life, upbringing and career. It is a fantastic article and you can check it out here…


Larry Canarelli, American West Homes Company Founder

Larry Canarelli, American West Homes Company Founder

Celebrating Grand Opening of American West Reserve

American West is celebrating the grand opening of its newest community, American West Reserve at Coronado Ranch. Located in one of southern Nevada’s most desirable new home destinations, Reserve offers homeowners affordable luxury in a convenient location. Ranging from 2,492 to 3,019 square feet, homes start at $254,500.

“Home shoppers have a chance to see the spacious designs, quality construction and beautifully-appointed architectural details that set American West homes apart,” said American West President Larry Canarelli. “We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and custom features.”

Every American West home includes standard features and amenities that other home builders consider upgrades.

“The new homes at Reserve have granite counter tops, gourmet kitchens with large dining islands, spacious master bedrooms with enormous closets and large secondary bedrooms. All our homes also are built to Energy Star® and Energy Plus standards. That means they are more energy efficient than homes with just the well-known Energy Star® rating,” said Canarelli.

All home sites at Reserve at Coronado Ranch are pool-size. Homebuyers have the option of plotting their home on the site they choose with the color scheme, exterior design and landscaping that they want. “We allow our homeowners to customize their home the way they want it,” said Canarelli. “We are conscious to provide what today’s buyers really want in their homes. They definitely get more with their money with the purchase of an American West home.”

Coronado Ranch is one of Las Vegas’s fastest-growing, most popular communities. It offers incredible convenience located just near the 215 Beltway; minutes from recreational activities such as golf, hiking and cycling; and seconds from enviable shopping and dining.

American West Reserve Plan 2492 is a two-story home featuring 2,492 square feet. It includes four bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, a study, great room and dining area.

“The study in this floor plan is an optional fifth bedroom, giving families plenty of room to grow,” said Kate Jacobs, American West Internet Sales Manager.

Plan 2769 features four bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, formal dining and living rooms, a family room, dining and upstairs game room. The home measures 2,769 square feet.

“The upstairs game room in this home offers several flexible options. It can be a study or bedroom with a large storage closet. You also have the option of an additional bathroom,” said Jacobs.

At 3,019 square feet, Plan 3019 is the largest home available at American West Reserve. The two-story home includes four bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, formal dining and living rooms, a family room and a large upstairs game room.

“There are a number of exciting options in this home. Homebuyers can opt for a guest suite that essentially gives the homeowner a second master bedroom with an attached bathroom. They also can choose an additional bedroom in lieu of the upstairs game room. It’s a very flexible floor plan that allows our homebuyers to customize the bedrooms and accommodate families of all sizes and needs,” said Jacobs.

“All three homes offer incredible storage. The pantries are enormous and the master bedroom and secondary bedrooms have closets to die for,” said Jacobs. “You will find that the areas of the home you use most have more than enough room to allow your family to grow.”

To visit, take the 215-Beltway to Rainbow. Exit south on Rainbow. Turn east (left) on Wigwam. Entrance to community is on the right side of the street. Sales office is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information on American West Reserve or any of American West’s other communities, visit or call (702) 853-4586.

Helpful Tips for Earth Day

This year is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Unfortunately even after 40 years of this celebration, the world is in greater peril than ever. Earth Day 2010 is a great opportunity to get involved and we would like to provide you with some tips on how this can easily be done.

Things You Can Do:

● Use programmable thermostats and recommended temperature and settings.

● Reduce idle electricity use (unplug or shut off unused electronics, set your computer to hibernate, turn off unused lights). Every year, U.S. households spend $100 to power devices while they are in “standby” mode.

● Waste less food.

● Reduce incandescent bulbs with CRL’s.

● Maintain your vehicle properly (oil grade, engine tuning, tire inflation).

● Attend to water leaks and cut heat loss (use caulking/weather stripping).

● Use hot water more efficiently in your home (lower the temperature setting of water heater, wash in cold water, use efficient faucets and showerheads).

● Opt for Energy Star appliances when replacing a refrigerator or dishwasher. 

Some interesting facts and tips for you from : 

FACT: If a quarter of the households in the United States replaces incandescent with one CFL, it would save as much CO2 as planting 257,215 acres of forest.
TIP: CFL’s with a Kelvin temperature between 3,000k and 3,500k will give off the familiar warm glow of incandescents.

FACT: Up to 50 percent of the average household’s energy consumption goes to heating and cooling the home.
TIP: Seal all window edges and cracks with caulk, reducing the energy consumed to maintain indoor temperature.

FACT: Every year, the U.S. uses 100 billion plastic bags consuming about 12 million barrels of oil.
TIP: When shopping at the grocery store, or even the mall, bring a reusable bag.

FACT: Americans threw away more than 100 million cell phones in 2006. Recycling them could have saved enough energy to power approximately 194,000 U.S. households for one year.
TIP: It’s one of the 3 R’s! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

In the words of Dr. Seuss in his classic book, “The Lorax”. 

“But now,” says the Once-ler,
“Now that you’re here, the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear.
UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.”

Let’s help to make this Earth Day the most successful one yet. Happy Earth Day!

Helping the Environment

We are thrilled to announce that based on the number of qualified ENERGY STAR® homes we built in 2009, American West qualified for the ENERGY STAR® for Homes Leadership in Housing Award. 

The great news is that the total number of ENERGY STAR qualified homes in 2009 was equivalent to the following:

● Eliminating the emissions from 45.08 vehicles

● Saving 272,688 lbs. of coal

● Planting 74.52 acres of trees

● Saving homeowners $41,124 on their utility bills. 

American West’s homes are designed with desert living and energy efficiency in mind. Our architects design our homes while considering the environment and energy conservation. 

The environment and energy conservation are extremely important to us as a company which is why our energy-efficient features are included in our homes. These features include a 14-SEER natural gas heat and electric central air-conditioning with Puron®; radiant heat barrier roof sheathing; programmable setback thermostat; R-13 insulation in exterior walls and R-30 insulation in ceilings; Prime-Wrap® house wrap protects your home against air and moisture infiltration; fiberglass front-entry door; vinyl-framed, dual-pane low-e windows and sliding glass door; 50-gallon quick-recovery natural gas water heater; and Super-Flow water management system.

As a builder, we go beyond the ENERGY STAR® certification in that our homes are also certified as Energy Plus. This additional certification means that each home is at least 30 percent more energy efficient than current National Home Building Standards and 15% more energy efficient than homes that qualify only as ENERGY STAR®.” 

As we approach the celebration of Earth Day, rest assured that American West is doing our part in helping the environment.

Home Service Plus – Our Warranty Provider

American West takes great pride in all the unique features that set us apart from other homebuilders. At American West, we are committed to excellence. Part of that commitment is providing a warranty service provider to our homeowners that stand above all the others. Home Service Plus is the warranty service provider for our homeowners. There is not a better company to provide this service for our homeowners as every employee of Home Service Plus is familiar with all aspects of American West’s strict construction standards. They know every detail of our home designs. 

Home Service Plus is also much more than a warranty service provider. Established in 1997, they are a company that is committed to providing personalized services in helping home owners maintain and enhance their most important investment – their home. Their experience staff of licensed and insured craftsman can handle just about every project imaginable for your home. From everyday warranty service, to yearly home maintenance and cleaning, to custom painting, to patio covers and balconies, there is no project too big for Home Service Plus. 

At American West, we understand that purchasing a new home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. It is extremely important to us to protect our buyers’ new home investment. Working together with Home Service Plus ensures that your investment is in good hands.

Building Excellence

With over 200 awards from local, regional and national industry peers, American West continues to be among the elite who keep on the cutting edge of design, quality and construction excellence. We know that building your new home right is the most important thing – homes with beautiful architectural features and home designs that work for real families. 

So rest assured that your new American West home is recognized throughout the country as being superior in both design and construction quality. 

The awards are nice, but what really matters is the over 15,000 families who have already moved up to the best home money can buy. Our commitment to cutting-edge design is highlighted by the amazing architectural features found in each of our homes. As you explore our homes, you will notice the pot-shelves, the arched windows, the built-in media niches, the gourmet state-of-the-art kitchens, the tri-level designs or the split-levels with included elevators. We are constantly finding ways to enhance family lifestyles. 

Industry recognition and customer referrals prove that American West understands the wants and needs of our homebuyers. We firmly stand behind what we do and know how important it is to build it right the first time. 

Some of our award highlights: 

ACE Award 

            Our commitment to quality was evaluated by a team of professionals who assessed over 2,000 builders across the country. They checked every facet of the building process, from construction techniques to quality-control systems to materials and the people on the field. American West surpasses expectations and became the only homebuilding company in the country to win the Award for Construction Excellence (ACE) – twice. 

Gold Nugget Award

            American West is proud to say that we are 8-time winners of the Gold Nugget Awards! Gold Nugget Awards honor creative achievements in architectural design and land-use planning for residential, commercial and industrial projects from the 14 western states and all countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. 

Homer Award

            Awarded by the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association (SNHBA), the Homer Awards honor and recognize the outstanding achievement and design excellence of the homebuilders of Southern Nevada. American West has won an astounding 24 Homer Awards for Best Single Family Detached homes in a variety of square footage categories, along with a 3-time win for Best Land Planning.

For informaton of all our homes and neighborhoods, visit our website at or call (702) 308-1111.

American West’s Love for Las Vegas!

The commitment to Las Vegas from Larry Canarelli and his company, American West Homes, grows out of a love for the community. As a local, family owned homebuilder, American West has been providing homes for the families of Las Vegas since 1984. Everyone at American West is embedded in the Las Vegas way of life and involved in this amazing community.

“I love Las Vegas.  I think this is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  And I always have.  Since the day I got here, I’ve worked hard to make Las Vegas a beautiful place.  My personal involvement is simply a carry through of my philosophy to help make a better Las Vegas,” said Canarelli

For Larry Canarelli, being part of Las Vegas means giving back to the community. He has raised his family here. He has coached over 20 children’s sports teams. He participates with school boards and actively gives to local schools. He has served on the board for many local charities. In recognition of his role as a leader and supporter of the Las Vegas community, a school in Coronado Ranch is named in his honor…The Lawrence and Heidi Canarelli Middle School.

Larry’s philosophy and commitment has also carried through in his company’s efforts and activities. 

“As a home builder, we have the opportunity to benefit the community in many ways.  By helping schools, building parks and being involved with community programs, we can help provide an environment where people feel comfortable raising their children,” Canarelli said.

American West has built over 15,000 homes in Las Vegas over the past 25 years.   Canarelli’s concern for the community is reflected through his involvement in every planning stage of each American West neighborhood.

“Our commitment to making a better Las Vegas is seen in each of the homes we have built since day one,” Canarelli said.   The company has won numerous local and national architectural design awards since its beginnings in 1984. 

“We want to see Las Vegas developed where quality of life is preserved and enhanced, at its highest possible level.  For us, that starts with making our communities absolutely beautiful.  We do that in part with superior architectural designs, greenbelts, entry monumentation, state-of-the-art schools and larger yards,” he said.

“As we enter 2010, home shoppers are continuing to discover that they can get more for their money when buying a brand-new home from American West,” Canarelli said. “American West offers more included features than other builders for some of the best prices per square foot in Las Vegas. We anticipate 2010 to be a great year as more and more homebuyers discover that their dream of owning an American West home can come true.”

American West is currently selling at 9 communities located throughout the Las Vegas valley. Home designs range from 1,216 to 4,770 square feet with prices starting as low as $188,500. The builder’s collection of beautiful home designs reflect American West’s tradition of architectural excellence, quality construction, innovative floorplans, pool sized backyards and superior customer service. These are some of the reasons why American West is one of the most successful, privately owned homebuilders in the nation.  Our sales centers are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. For community directions and more information, please visit or call (702) 308-1111.

The “American West Difference” Continues in 2010

American West homeowners insist there’s an “American West difference” – and that it contributes to the enjoyment of their new home and neighborhood and that this “difference” is what sets American West Homes apart from other homebuilders. According to Larry Canarelli, president of American West, in addition to our homeowners, many home shoppers are discovering that they can get more “bang for their buck” with the purchase of a new American West home.

“As we enter 2010, home shoppers are continuing to discover that they can get more for their money when buying a brand-new home from American West,” Canarelli said. “American West offers more included features than other builders for some of the best prices per square foot in Las Vegas. We anticipate 2010 to be a great year as more and more homebuyers discover that their dream of owning an American West home can come true.”

The difference in an American West neighborhood is unmistakable. The pride of ownership in the homes is overwhelming. “I have been dreaming of owning an American West home since 2002”, said Andrea Jordan, American West homebuyer. “For seven years I have wanted to be the owner of an American West home and now my dream is coming true. This is huge for my family, it will be the home we grow old in. This is the best Christmas ever for my family.”

“We’ve listened to our buyers and met their demands for the newest and best amenities offered in new homes,” Canarelli said.  “Incorporating our buyers’ needs and dreams into all of our homes… That’s the key to American West’s unprecedented success. We build to meet the needs of Las Vegas families.  We combine unmatched value, outstanding locations, our trademark huge homes, and the newest amenities to create an unparalleled new home package.”

American West is currently selling at 9 communities located throughout the Las Vegas valley. Home designs range from 1,216 to 4,770 square feet with prices starting as low as $188,500. The builder’s 2010 collection of homes will continue the tradition of architectural excellence, quality construction, innovative floorplans, pool sized backyards and superior customer service. 

“Each American West community is a little different and appeals to different types of buyers. First-time home buyers, growing families, empty nesters and those seeking luxury residences are all discovering homes that meet their personal needs at American West neighborhoods,” Canarelli said.

“Today’s home buyers are seeking homes constructed by quality builders with established track records, who stand behind their homes. We are a privately owned business that has been building in the Las Vegas Valley for over 25 years with thousands of happy homeowners. American West Homes is the only builder in the nation who has won the ACE Award for construction excellence twice. We look forward to continue providing quality homes and to exceed the expectations of our buyers in 2010,” he said.

“We’re offering amenities that no other builder in our price range can offer,” said Canarelli.  “For example, our included elevators take our split-level homes to a whole new dimension. Because of their cost, they are usually limited to very expensive custom homes but we include them in the base price of our homes.”  Included elevators can be found in homes offered at Kensington, Silverado Springs, Windsor and Woodbridge.

The homes built by American West are certified as not only Energy Star® but also Energy Plus. American West was the first builder in Las Vegas to receive both these certifications. With the Energy Plus certification, American West homes are twice as energy efficient as a home that only qualifies as Energy Star®.

All of American West’s energy-efficient features are included in their homes. These features include: Carrier® 14-SEER natural gas heat and electric central air-conditioning with Puron®, the environmentally sound refrigerant; R13 insulation in exterior walls and R30 in ceilings;  energy-efficient radiant-heat barrier roof sheathing; PROInstaller E2S Complete Weatherproofing System; fully-insulated, fiberglass, front-entry door; vinyl-framed, dual-paned, Low-E windows and sliding glass doors; 50-gallon, quick-recovery, natural-gas water heater; and water-conserving Moen faucets and showerheads.

“It’s an impressive list of energy-conserving products. These products are in addition to the building practices and products we already utilize to meet Energy Star standards and they come at no extra cost to the homebuyer,” said Canarelli.

As a home builder for over 25 years, Canarelli cited buyers’ appreciation of their homes as a great source of satisfaction.

 “I put my name on every home American West builds.  I’m proud of that.  Knowing from our homeowners that they’re pleased with their home brings the greatest delight to me as a home builder,” Canarelli said. “My dream has always been to provide beautiful, affordable homes that all families could live in. That dream turned into a reality and can be seen throughout the 70 neighborhorhoods that American West has built throughout the Las Vegas valley.”

Creating attractive communities and sound investments for homeowners is no new venture for American West. “By using foresight, we only build in the best areas,” said Canarelli.  “For example, we’re adjacent to the master-planned areas yet we’re able to give the buyer much more house for the money.  Factoring in all the new schools, parks, shopping and dining, buyers get every bit the livability of master-planned communities without the high monthly fees,” he said.

Canarelli refers to L.I.D. fees.  “We think it’s proper for a developer to pay the infrastructure fees up front, rather than passing them onto the homeowner through expensive monthly L.I.D. fees.”

 The company is in the process of developing a planned community in the southwest, Highlands Ranch.  Upon completion, it will include over 2,000 homes and will be home to three schools and two parks. The builder is currently selling at 5 neighborhoods – Lexington, Fairmont, Kensington, Newcastle and Windsor. These neighborhoods feature two-story and split-level home designs ranging from 1,216 to 4,770 square feet with up to six bedrooms.

Another planned community in the southwest part of the valley is Coronado Ranch, the jewel of the southwest. American West is currently selling at Kingsbridge, Promontory and Woodbridge. The two-story and split-level home designs range from 1,486 to 4,770 square feet with up to six bedrooms. Due to the demand of this area, the builder will be starting a new community, The Reserve, after the first of the year.

The planned community of Silverado Ranch in the south, adjacent to Green Valley was pioneered by the builder and currently features Silverado Springs with two-story and split-level home designs ranging from 2,363 to 3,790 square feet with up to 5 bedrooms.

Founded in 1984, American West has become one of the most successful, privately owned homebuilders in the nation.  American West sales centers are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. For community directions and more information, please visit  or call (702) 308-1111.

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