Our Energy Efficient Homes

There’s so much to love about Las Vegas, but summer temperatures can get hot. If you’ve ever turned up the air conditioning in your home, you know what it’s like to feel relief at the expense of your wallet.

So, what do you do when you want to be comfortable in your home, but you also want a reasonable utility bill? With a commitment to environmental sensitivity, American West operates on the motto: “Live green, buy green, save green.” Each of our homes is designed with energy-efficient details that keep you feeling your best all year-round while saving money!

Our focus is put on sustainable materials that families truly care about. From ENERGY STAR® appliances to water-conserving Moen® faucets and showerheads to radiant heat barrier roof sheathing and vinyl dual-framed low-E3 coated argon gas filled windows and sliding glass doors (to name just a few), our technology advanced homes offer you the best of the best in efficiency. And the features that are found in our homes are included and specifically chosen for our Southern Nevada climate. Take a look at some of the other energy efficient features you’ll experience in your new American West home!

Our commitment to building homes that respect the environment proves our dedication to you, your family, and our planet. For more information on our homes and communities, please visit our website. We can’t wait to partner with you on this incredible new home journey!

Some Energy Saving Ideas

Our Las Vegas climate is one where living in an energy efficient home is important but it is also important to try and find ways to keep energy costs down. You can save energy and money by trying to change some of your daily habits.

Here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. Do a nightly energy sweep. We’ve all left fans, electronics or appliances on at night while we sleep, but doing so wastes increasingly expensive energy. To save money, do a nightly sweep through the house to make sure all your electric devices are turned off before you go to bed. It may be a pain, but the savings from simply turning everything off can add up quickly.
  2. Make sure to change your filters. Waiting a long time to change your filters makes your system less efficient and costs you more in electricity. Dirt and neglect can even cause damage to your air conditioner (HVAC) unit.
  3. Check your vents. If they’re closed, open them! Closing vents will actually raise your energy costs.
  4. Use your washer and dryer wisely. Wash your clothes in cold water. Make sure you have full loads of laundry before using the washer and dryer.
  5. Consider your light bulbs. Turn off lights you aren’t using and consider changing bulbs out to compact fluorescents for cost savings. 
  6. Be cool. Actually program the programmable thermostat! Find a comfortable temperature for when you are home and when you are not home or asleep. Adjust the temperatures to a higher or lower temperature depending on the season.
  7. Soften those rays. Closing the curtains and lowering the blinds on the sunny side of your house will help keep you cooler on hot days.

Visit any of American West’s new home communities and discover all the energy efficient features that are offered in our homes.

eHome by American West

We’ve had a hot week here in Las Vegas. There has also been some humidity in the air which makes a huge difference in the heat. Anybody who has ever heard the expression “yes, it’s hot in Las Vegas but it’s a dry heat” may think that we are out of our minds but trust me when is it 111 degrees and there is moisture in the air, it is much more difficult to deal with than 111 degrees with no moisture in the air. Either way,  hot is hot and it is important to stay cool during these high temperatures.

If you live in Las Vegas, you know how incredibly high your energy bill can get in the summer months. New homes today are built with energy-efficiency in mind and each American West home is an eHome and built with the certification of NV Energy Plus. As a local builder, it was important to us to find an energy program that fit the needs of our specific climate and not one that was designed on a national level. We have chosen to be a part of the NV Energy Plus program because their specifications and guidelines were developed for the homes built in Southern Nevada. This program understands better than any other the unique temperatures we experience in Las Vegas. The NV Energy Plus criteria is focused on energy efficiency in a southwest desert climate, reducing our carbon footprint and of course energy savings.

Visit any of our new home communities to see all the eHome features included in our homes. For more information, visit our website at www.AmericanWesthomes.com or call (702) 308-1111. Our sales offices are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Take a look at the eHome program:

New Homes Strengthen Economy Year-Round

Did you know that the month of April is the celebration of New Homes Month? As the housing industry celebrates, home builders want Americans to know just how much of a positive, direct impact residential construction has on the U.S. economy throughout the year. 

New homes strengthen the economy year-round. Home building is a key driver of the American economy. Economists at the National Association of Home Builders estimate that the one-year local impact of building 100 single-family homes in a typical metro area include $21.1 million in local income, $2.2 million in taxes and other local government revenue and 324 local jobs. 

The income earned from construction activity is spent and recycled in the local economy, and the new homes that are built become occupied by residents who pay taxes and buy locally produced goods and services. A new home purchase is helping to keep the Las Vegas economy strong. 

A survey of home buyers by the NAHB showed that buyers felt the need for energy-efficient heating and air conditioning units, energy-saving appliances and lighting, water-conserving fixtures and low-E windows – all features that can only be found in new homes and all features that are included in a new American West home. 

New homes have the latest environmentally-friendly, cost-saving, advanced technology materials and appliances. A new home has better construction, the latest safety features and better floor plans to fit a wide variety of modern lifestyles. American West has over 50 different new home designs to choose from. 

A new home also means a brand new community. The communities American West builds in include newer state-of-the-art schools and a plethora of new shopping and dining. As a builder, American West gives their homeowners all the benefits of master plan living without any additional fees associated with it. 

A Clean Slate. You will be the first one to park your car in your sparkling-clean garage or the first to cook a dinner in your brand-new kitchen. In addition, you won’t have to spend time stripping dated wallpaper or repainting. You can create your own home inside and out from the get-go! 

New homes can accommodate advanced technologies like structured wiring, security systems and sophisticated lighting plans, and can be tailored to meet the individual home owner’s need. Anyone who has ever lived in an older home can attest to the fact that there are never enough outlets, inside or out. New homes plan for the increased number and type of electronics and appliances used by today’s families. American West’s homebuyers all meet with a specialist from Progressive Home®, a home automation design firm catering to their sound, security, home theatre and automation needs. 

Purchasing a new home can be one of the biggest investments made in a lifetime. Today’s home buyers are seeking homes constructed by quality builders with established track records, who stand behind their homes. American West is a local, privately owned business that has been building in the Las Vegas valley since 1984 with thousands of happy homeowners. Dollar for dollar, square foot for square foot, no builder offers more value than American West.

Building Energy Efficient New Homes

American West is focused on building energy efficient homes with sustainable materials and features that matter to you and your family. Our energy-efficient building materials and building process demonstrates not only a commitment to excellence but also a respect for the environment. In an American West new home, you’ll have greater comfort, higher quality, a smaller carbon footprint and reduced energy bills.  

The features below can only be found in the most technology advanced homes such as your new American West home: 

  • ENERGY STAR® and NV Energy Plus® Certified

Why stop at just ENERGY STAR®? American West also builds to NV Energy Plus® standards which exceeds the energy efficiency of a standard home by 30% – doubling ENERGY STAR® standards. A NV Energy Plus® home uses less energy, is more energy-efficient and results in a more comfortable home.

  •  Vinyl-framed, dual paned, low-e windows and sliding glass doors

Our most efficient windows and sliding glass doors help to keep heat out in the summer (reduce A/C) and heat in during the winter (reduce furnace). The placement of the windows in your new home helps reduce the usage and reliance of artificial lighting.

  •  R-30 insulation in ceilings

The insulation in your new home exceeds the National Standards and is made from recycled materials. 

  • Fully insulated fiberglass front door

The entry door to your new home was carefully chosen, not just for its looks, but for its impact on your life. The materials help limit heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. In addition, they utilize post-industrial wood chips and recycled materials to help lessen their impact on the environment.  

  • 14 S.E.E.R. HVAC

Your 14 S.E.E.R. HVAC exceeds the National Standard for energy efficiency. This advance system also utilizes ozone layer-friendly, environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant, which helps protect the air you breathe and limits the amount of greenhouse gas released in the air. 

  • Programmable setback thermostat

Studies show that use of a programmable thermostat can save households up to 25% in energy costs. 

  • Energy-efficient radiant-barrier roof sheathing

This advanced energy saving material minimizes the heat gain in the summer and reduces energy usage in the winter. This unique feature can only be found in new homes. 

  • Water-conserving Moen® faucets and showerheads

The faucets in your new home help conserve resources which helps eliminate wasteful water flow. These plumbing fixtures not only help reduce your monthly bills, they also help you conserve our precious water for future generations. 

  • Tank-less water heater

This advanced feature allows for an endless supply of hot water. As well as saving water, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by only heating the water when you’re using it. 

  • ENERGY STAR® appliances

All your appliances are ENERGY STAR® rated. These industry-leading, super-efficient appliances help conserve energy and money while doing everyday tasks. 

  • Water-saving professional landscape designs

The natural materials and efficient designs provide beautiful yards, while reducing wasteful watering and promoting a healthier planet. 

As you can see, American West is committed to not only building the home of your dreams, but to do so in an environmentally sensitive way. By integrating these features in our homes, we honor our commitment to you, your family, and our environment, long after you move in. 

To discover your new American West dream home, visit out website www.AmericanWestHomes.com or contact Kate Jacobs at (702) 308-1111.

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